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My Name is Snapper & I have a disability...
I have to work harder to reach my goals, but I always keep trying.
Now I am a Therapy Dog, and I get to help developmentally disabled
adults and children at PARC! 

Hold My Paw is my story!

Hold My Paw is children's book about Snapper, a puppy born with a serious birth defect.

After life-saving surgery, Snapper must be on special food and medicine for the rest of her life. but she learns to live with her limitations, while competing in canine sports, and becoming a Therapy Dog to help children and adults with disabilities.

Snapper's story shows that goals can be reached despite physical limitations, and that failure doesn't mean that you should stop trying. 

100% of the sale of Hold My Paw products benefits PARC.

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Hold My Paw & T-Shirt
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Hold My Paw & T-Shirt
Personalized copy of Hold My Paw, and Hold My Paw T-Shirt (Stuffed toy not included)
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